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At Prime Achievers School, we aim to build confident, balanced, ambitious young people, and to inculcate in them a strong set of values that will allow them to make significant contributions to the world beyond School.

We have a strong commitment to continuous improvement, striving always to provide an academic education of the highest possible standard. In the time they spend at Prime Achievers School, we expect our students to develop the highest standards in all aspects of life: intellectual, cultural, sporting and behavioural. We likewise expect the highest possible standards of appearance, dress, and manners. We welcome the support of our parents in achieving these aims.

This website offers a broad insight into our School. I hope you find it interesting and helpful.


Our programs are academically oriented and offer an education comparable to the best available in private schools in Nigeria. Our methods are totally child-centered and we believe in and meeting the individual needs of every child.

For almost five decades, we have been touching and nurturing young lives. We are very proud of our alumni and the great, eminent people they have become in our community. They are our jewels and crowns and we wear them with great joy and appreciation. We want you to become part of our wonderful family, so we offer an invitation for you to come and visit our school. You will then experience the warmth and love of a caring school first hand.


Our commitment at Prime Achievers Academy is to take a child-friendly approach in providing young children with the finest surroundings for their first school experience.. 

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The curriculum we offer is broad, balanced, creative, interesting and varied to suit all learners. It promotes the intellectual, moral, physical, spiritual and cultural development of each pupil. Our school environment is inviting and secure, encouraging pupils to take pride in their surroundings..

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At Prime Achievers Academy School, we value all students for who they are and for what they can become. We aim to provide a rigourous and effective education in an enabling environment, and one which inculcates in students a desire to learn, contribute, while feeling safe and confident..

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School Anthem

In prime achievers (2x)
We prepare little minds for greatness.
In prime achievers (2x)
We prepare little minds for greatness.
We are the foundation of knowledge
Ever leading, ever winning we are the best
We were born to be great achievers
We’re the pride of all schools we lead the rest

We are the best
We lead the rest
We set the pace
And lead all by grace.

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to
provide a high quality
comprehensive and
meaningful education
for all student

Mission & Vision


We aspire to be a global
leading innovative and high
performing School where
excellence is utmost in all
that we do

Prime Achievers School

Prime Achievers Academy believes in the basic dignity of the human self; therefore we do not discriminate against any ideology or religion. We welcome all. However, our only demand is that individuals recognise that there are beliefs and creeds other than their own and respect them. Mutual respect breeds co-operation and advancement.